COTUL is managed under the general guidelines of the Constitution and the Bye-Laws. The governing body of the Consortium is the Advisory Board and Executive Steering Committee , which shall have power to act on behalf of the Consortium, in all matters except those reserved in the constitution to members at an Annual or Special General Meeting. In addition, there shall be Programme Coordinators for running the day to day administration of the Consortium activities.
The constitution can be downloaded from the link bellow:


01. Advisory Board

02. Executive Steering Committee:

  • Chairperson
    • Supervises activities of the Consortium as approved by the General Assembly.
  • Deputy Chair
    • Deputises the Chairperson in all aspects.
  • Executive Secretary
    • Handling all the Consortium correspondence.
  • Deputy Secretary
    • Deputises the Executive Secretary in all aspects.
  • Treasurer
    •  Run accounts of the Consortium.

04. Programme Coordinators:

The Co-ordinating Committee are the main organ for overseeing and running the day to day administration of the Consortium activities including the following

  • ICT
  • Capacity Building
  • E-resources
  • Resource –Mobilization

 05. Secretariat
The following are the current Executive Steering Committee Members and  Programme Coordinators: